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Dentist in Dowagiac

Here at the practice of Dowagiac Family Dentistry, we set out to create an office where all of our valued patients would feel welcome and relaxed. That means adults and children alike. We know how busy your schedule is, and we have made it a point to offer a wide array of services, both routine and emergency, so that you know that we are here for you when it’s most important.

There is no greater service than preventive care, which means visits two times per year to see our Dowagiac dentist for a complete oral examination and a teeth cleaning. When one or more of your teeth have cavities, or are chipped or crack, restorations are available to make them whole again. This includes fillings and crowns. For the replacement of entire teeth that have been lost, our Dowagiac dentist provides bridges, dentures, and implants, so that no matter what your needs and preferences, you are certain we can accommodate you. Sometimes, a tooth is not treated in a timely enough fashion to prevent an infection occurring inside it. When that happens, you can count on gentle, expertly performed root canal therapy, designed to save the tooth. Among our cosmetic care options are veneers and teeth whitening. Why not have the best smile you can? Speaking of which, you can even get orthodontic treatment thanks to the advanced Invisalign system. It consists of a series of clear, plastic aligners that you can wear comfortably, and because they are not visible, you won’t have to feel self-conscious. Other services are mini implants, nightguards, and oral cancer screenings. And when you or child has a toothache, or has suffered dental trauma, we’re here for urgent care.

Our Dowagiac dentist is pleased to serve your entire family, and our entire staff looks forward to seeing you. Please call us to make an appointment.

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