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49047 Dental Office

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Teeth Whitening in 49047

It was not all that long ago when teeth whitening was a wish that couldn’t be fulfilled. What color your teeth were was the color they were going to stay. All that were available were questionable methods that were not tested or proven and which could easily have been harmful. Fortunately, those days are over. Now you can get safe, effective, quick, and long lasting teeth whitening here at Dowagiac Family Dentistry.

Giving you brighter and more brilliant teeth is such a high priority for us that we have two ways of getting it accomplished. You can have it performed at our 49047 dental office, with results occurring in just about an hour. Then there is our take-home whitening. You wear trays filled with bleaching solution that is released automatically. In a few days to a couple of weeks, you will get an equally impressive outcome. In fact, we’re so sure of the success of it, we have a membership program called Whitening for Life. You will be supplied with our whitening trays regularly, allowing you to maintain a fairly constant white hue for your smile. It’s all done for one low and affordable price, with on additional charges for whitening. It’s all part of our complete commitment here at our 49047 dental office. You have probably seen some of the whitening products on the shelves of drug stores and supermarkets. They’re hard to miss. But the problem is that many of them do so little that you will have difficulty even seeing a difference from when you began to when you finish. And since some of these items have abrasive ingredients, your tooth enamel would be in jeopardy. Those risks are certainly not worth taking.

While you’re thinking about it, contact our 49047 dental office so that you can set up a convenient time to come in for teeth whitening treatment.

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